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Disclaimer , Copyright , and Linking


Information on this website (https://financial-hub-fukuoka.com/) may be subject to change, transfer, deletion, and so forth without notice, to maintain accuracy and improve readability.

In addition, Fukuoka Prefecture is not liable in any way for damages or losses suffered by users due to information posted on this website.

This website may be linked to others managed by parties other than Fukuoka Prefecture, but Fukuoka Prefecture is not liable in any way for such sites’ content authenticity as it does not manage or operate them.


In principle, information (documents, photographs, illustrations, etc.) posted on this website belongs to Fukuoka Prefecture. In addition, the copyrights of some images and so forth are owned by the original authors.


This website (https://financial-hub-fukuoka.com/) may be freely linked to other websites.

Please be aware that links to pages other than the top page can be broken due to changes to the configurations of such pages.

When you create a link to this website, please send an email to int-finance@pref.fukuoka.lg.jp, so that the site administrator can verify your link source. Please include the link source address, your name and affiliation, and contact information (email address).