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Braveridge Co., Ltd.

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Braveridge Co., Ltd.
3-27-2, Susen」i, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture


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Business overview

A business for providing loT platforms and device development originating from an loT hardware company whose solutions can be commercialized in six months.

Business concept for addressing social issues

The greatest challenge in loT development is that it requires two to three years to complete the final development, resulting in the need for more resources. No matter how much existing services are used by development related to loT terminals and various servers, stable operation is not yet possible. Battery-powered loT devices are even more challenging. The two to three year development period from planning to service launch is too long. In other words, development has not been streamlined around existing loT technologies. Braveridge’s basic concept is to realize a platform that takes six months to make an loT project into a service.

Solving issues, mission/products and services for solving the issues

Braveridge has presented its hardware component as the PILEz Concept. The system is based on a mechanism in which a variety of RF units, power units, and sensor units are isolated independently, and the hardware is completed by simply combining them. On the cloud system side, we have completed BraveGATE, an innovative, lightweight, simple and the world’s first streamlined network system without any cloud-based servers or DBs. BraveGATE is operated in tandem with PILEz, eliminating the need for debugging and achieving the launch of an loT service over an average of six months.

Market overview/overview of the market entering (macro)

In the loT market, major companies are converting existing products to their own loT, but the loT venture tech side of the market has yet to thrive. One stumbling block to development is the fact that individual solutions (module, Network system, SIM, motherboards, et cetera) are sold as parts (certain components) for various service units and are not on a level where they can be provided as a complete product.

Competition/comparing with competitors (micro)

We have realized the construction of a system integrating our proprietary loT devices with our proprietary loT platform based on the development and manufacturing of products using our modules and have developed our Binary protocol without using MQTT/HTTP in our network to ensure perfect security. With few exceptions, it is rare to find a company of this size with a comparable track record. We are also highly price- competitive due to production taking place at our in-house factories.

Business plan

In addition to PILEz x BraveGATE, we plan to incorporate the BravePI concept in spring 2023. The PILEz RF unit was originally designed to be an LTE-Bluetooth router, enabling the creation of an extended sensor network with a radius of up to 1 km from the PILEz router. The idea is that multiple sensor devices are connected via Bluetooth, which reduces overall system costs, enabling long-term operation and making the system more competitive than other companies’ products and services.

Purpose for procuring fund/desired amount and usage, etc.

Although our current service is predominantly LTE/LTE-M, we will extend our 250 mW specification LoRa network outside the LTE service area with a solar panel-driven Gateway (communication distance of 70 km+). We are developing a module that can be used for microsatellite communications (400 to 1,000 km) to support this specification. The development costs are for the platform that integrates the following three: the LTE service area + the proprietary LoRa network with 250 mW specifications + the microsatellite communication network. We plan to raise one billion yen.

Introducing members of management

Braveridge is an loT wireless company formed by a core group of wireless engineers from the former Panasonic Kyushu. We have been developing loT based on the special technology our RF engineers possess, who also excel in antennas and radio. We are also a group of engineers who can independently develop firmware, networks and applications. We also have our factory in Fukuoka Prefecture, which has a comprehensive system from development to production.


The combination of PILEz, BraveGATE and BravePI is the fastest solution for battery-­driven loT, enabling a stable and reliable transition from PoC to practical use in six months. This loT platform is also a concept that allows a common platform to be used for loT projects ranging from a few dozen units to the mass use of tens of thousands of units or more, as such, no project will be left behind. We plan to expand to global operations starting in 2023.