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Chaintope Inc.

Company name
Chaintope Inc.
B211, 576-14, Kobukuro, lizuka, Fukuoka Prefecture

As we are currently teleworking we accept inquiries through the following contact form.
Email: info@chaintope.com (Japanese preferred if possible)

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Business overview

Development and social implementation of blockchain platform technologies

Business concept for addressing social issues

We are a leading company advancing social implementation of blockchain to make it the social platform for the Web3 era. 
We have developed enterprise public blockchain Tapyrus, offering TapyrusAPI through a subscription service to address use cases such as for traceability and sustainability.

Solving issues, mission/products and services for solving the issues

By rolling out blockchain platform Tapyrus that offers (l) both governance and openness, (2) scalability and (3) collaborations between chains, which were factors blocking blockchains from getting implemented in society, we can bring a circular economy in four domains, which are traceability, sustainability, trusted services and digital assets.

Market overview/overview of the market entering (macro)

The blockchain and its peripheral market have been attracting attention since five or so years ago, then already expected to be worth 67 trillion yen. As of 2022 the market is under the spotlight again as Web3, and is being used in various domains.

Competition/comparing with competitors (micro)

At present, Chaintop’s Tapyrus is the only business-use blockchain platform with hybrid offers. Comparisons with competitors are shown in the attached document.

ComparisonTable >

Business plan

Develop enterprise public blockchain Tapyrus, and offer TapyrusAPI through a subscription service to address use cases such as for traceability and sustainability.

Purpose for procuring fund/desired amount and usage, etc.

Desired amount of funding: Approximately 200 million yen 
Purpose: Cost of hiring, and additional research and development cost for blockchain platform Tapyrus and API 

Introducing members of management

CEO and Representative Director Hideki Shoda,
Director and CTO Shigeyuki Azuchi,
Director and COO Teruaki Murakami,
Chief Ethereum Researcher Yukishige Nakajo


Since our founding in the City of Iizuka, Fukuoka Prefecture, we have conducted research on public blockchains and developed the public chain for corporations, named “Tapyrus”. In various fields such as sustainability and traceability, we have a track record of introducing this blockchain to local governments such as Fukuoka Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture, and the City of Iizuka, as well as to companies.
In the field of digital assets (local currencies, tokens), we provide technologies to major railway companies, and our service currently has over 1 million users. We are the core company of “the Blockchain City Vision” advocated by the City of Iizuka.