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The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd.

Company name
The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd.
2-13-1, Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture

Regional Co-Creation Department, Attn:Kudo,Motoishi
Mail: Mr.Kudot-kudo@fukuokabank.co.jp


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Business, business overview

Business category: Financial institution
Business overview: A regional financial institution providing financial services primarily in Fukuoka Prefecture and throughout Kyushu

Existing business

As the core bank of the Fukuoka Financial Group, a broad area-based regional financial group with an extensive network throughout Kyushu, we provide high-quality and diverse financial services, primarily in Fukuoka Prefecture.
The Bank has taken on new and unprecedented initiatives, such as launching Japan’s first digital bank, “Minna Bank,” and is also working with and investing in Fintech companies.

Current issues/products and services for solving issues, spinoff businesses

・The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated social change, including technological advancements and a growing awareness of the SDGs. Adding to structural problems like declining and aging populations in local communities, worldwide environmental changes through digitalization and globalization are affecting the global environment, elevating uncertainty. As the business environment changes, we see making new investments, including DX promotion, as critical, and are building an online-based sales and administrative infrastructure premised on a future vision of society.

Business plan

We will expand our customer contact points by promoting DX in all aspects of sales and by building digital channels for both private and corporate customers. And we will enable remote access to all types of banking transactions to boost customer convenience and lift business productivity.
Our advanced financial services will be available anytime, anywhere,with carefulattention to detail, through evolving communication with customers via digital channels, utilizing data, and refining the expertise of our sales staff.


As a regional financial institution rooted in Kyushu and centering on Fukuoka Prefecture, it is the Group’s mission to build sustainable local communities and be sustainable ourselves. Our long-term vision for 2030 is to become the leading regional bank in supporting stakeholders’ growth through finance and consulting, and we aim to build sustainable local communities and deliver sustainable growth for the Group.