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Your Personal Information Will Be Appropriately Handled

The following, updated on April 1, 2023, outlines how this website (https://financial-hub-fukuoka.com/) will collect, utilize, and manage personal information appropriately, based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and Fukuoka Prefectural Ordinance for Enforcement of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Fukuoka Prefectural Ordinance No. 43 of 2022) .

Personal Information

Personal information is that which that identifies, or can identify, specific individuals (examples include physical addresses, names, phone numbers, and email addresses).

Collection of Personal Information

When collecting personal information through this website, Fukuoka Prefecture will clarify its purpose of collection and do so within the scope that is necessary to achieve said purpose.

Safety Assurance

Personal information that is collected will be strictly managed to prevent data leakage, loss, falsification, and so forth. In addition, personal information that is no longer required will be promptly discarded (deleted).


Some pages make use of cookies to enable users to utilize this website.

Cookies are a part of an industry-standard technology used by web servers to identify users’ computers and are text files with small blocks of data.

Cookies generally record personal information (user IDs and passwords), which are provided to website administrators through users’ procedures. They also keep operation logs, and these pieces of information are utilized as statistics to analyze access statuses and trends.

Cookies can identify users’ computers, but individual users cannot be specified or identified unless users enter or provide detailed personal information of their own accord.

It is possible to browse this website and use it anonymously regardless of the cookie function.

The cookie function can be disabled by changing browser settings, but doing so may cause services on some pages to become unavailable in whole or in part.

Restrictions on the Use and Provision of Information

Apart from cases stipulated by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or the Fukuoka Prefectural Ordinance for Enforcement of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information , personal information collected by relevant agencies (see note below for details) will neither be utilized beyond the purpose of collection nor provided to agencies other than those concerned.

However, the following may be published: statistically processed data and users’ opinions on this website’s access information, suggestions and views submitted to Fukuoka Prefecture, and related personal attributes.

Note: “Relevant agencies” indicate the prefecture’s Governor, Parliament, administrators of public enterprises, Board of Education, Election Administration Committee, Personnel Committee, audit commissioners, Public Safety Commission, Chief of Prefectural Police Headquarters, Labor Committee, Expropriation Committee, Sea-area Fisheries Coordination Committees, Inland Waters Fishing Ground Management Commission, and Local Incorporated Administrative Agencies established by the prefecture (Local Incorporated Administrative Agency Act (No. 118 of 2003)).

Notes on Google Analytics

This website utilizes Google Analytics (opens in a new window) ※1 to assess site usage. Google Analytics employ cookies to collect user information. Please read the Google Analytics Terms of Use here (opens in a new window) ※2.

※1 https://developers.google.com/analytics/?hl=ja

※2 https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/terms/jp/

Notes on Social Media Buttons

When users visit this website and access pages that have social media buttons, viewer information may be sent to relevant social media platforms. To confirm the privacy policies of the social media platforms utilized on this website, please refer to their respective administrators.