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For those who are considering to expand into Fukuoka as a new business base, we introduce support for business creation and expansion in Fukuoka and Kyushu Island, as well as subsidies for the costs of establishing a base, etc.

Consulting Services

We offer free individual consultation services to companies considering expansion into Fukuoka.

Consulting Support

Market analysis

Growth strategy formulation

Estimated calculation of operational or other costs (license acquisition costs, etc.)

Support for finding business partners

Finding business partners and supporting customer acquisition

Providing information on investors and investment opportunities, etc.

Providing Business Opportunities

We are supporting the creation and expansion of business opportunities in Fukuoka and Kyushu Island by organizing matching and networking events with local financial institutions, etc.


Support matching local entrepreneurs, start-up companies in Fukuoka & Kyushu Island with domestic and foreign investors

Support matching FinTech companies with local financial institutions, etc.

To be held both on-site and online

「FVM Monthly Markets」

Every month, we provide a venue for small & medium-sized companies and start-up companies to pitch their business plans to potential business partners and conduct business meetings.

※ To be held both on-site and online, in Japanese only

Global Finance Centre(GFC)

Networking Events

We organize networking and other events throughout the year in cooperation with organizations in Fukuoka and Kyushu Island.

Invitation Programs

We invite companies interested in expanding into Fukuoka and provide them with opportunities to experience the business and living environment in Fukuoka.

Business Environment

Participation in matching and or networking events

To meet with potential business partners

Living Environment

Experiencing a compact city with urban functions, easy access to airport, educational environment, etc.


We provide financial assistance to facilitate business establishment and ensure profitability and growth.