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Fukuoka Prefecture supports the challenges of financial businesses.


TEAM FUKUOKA is an organization promoting industry-academia-government partnerships to attract international financial functions to Fukuoka

TEAM FUKUOKA is a partnership among industry, academia and government, which was established in 2020 to attract financial functions from overseas to Fukuoka.

Fukuoka, along with Tokyo and Osaka, aims to become a global financial city that continuously innovates by accumulating global financial functions unique to the city. In addition, Fukuoka is actively working to attract new technologies, including FinTech, global human resources, and asset management businesses.

Fukuoka is also working to attract BCP-support operations as a backup city for financial functions in Asia, taking advantage of its geographical location facing the Sea of Japan, unlike other major cities in Japan.

TEAM FUKUOKA members are actively engaging in initiatives to attract businesses and are steadily producing results.

Direction of Global Financial Functions Attraction