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News Feb 21,2023

Fintech company Trinity Technology Co., Ltd. will be opening its Fukuoka branch!

Trinity Technology Co., Ltd., which provides fintech services such as Smart Kazoku Shintaku (Smart Family Trust)1, will be opening its Fukuoka branch on March 1, 2023.

Trinity Technology Co., Ltd. is in the fintech industry, which is acknowledged by Global Financial Functions Attraction TEAM FUKUOKA2 to be a priority target sector for business attraction.

TEAM FUKUOKA will continue to support business developments of fintech firms expanding to Fukuoka and to work together as one to attract further financial functions.

1     A first in Japan, this service helps clients prepare in case dementia makes it impossible to manage their own estates (cash, deposits, real estate, etc.), by providing consultation to set up family trusts that give family members the right to manage, operate, and dispose of clients’ estates in advance, in addition to managing trust estates easily through a designated app. (Website: https://sma-shin.com/)

2     An all-Fukuoka advocacy organization through which government, industry and academia take advantage of respective characteristics to create an environment to attract international financial functions by building momentum and carrying out promotional activities.

1 New Office Location

Company name: Trinity Technology Co., Ltd. – Fukuoka Branch


Floor 7, Axiv Tenjin Building
2-9-34 Daimyo, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

2 Company Overview

Company name: Trinity Technology Co., Ltd.

Location: Shimbashi, Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan

Established: October 30, 2020

Representative director: Kazuhiro Migaki


Create a world that is kept safe with the power of human and technological synergy

Business description:

– Management of Smart Kazoku Shintaku, a family trust service
– Management of Trinity Labo., a community of experts on family trusts and inheritances
– Management of Sumaho-de-Souzoku, an inheritance procedure service

Group Companies:

Judicial Scrivener Corporation Trinity Group, Law Corporation Trinity Group, Administrative Scrivener Corporation Trinity Group

Group Establishment: July 1, 2009

Company website: https://trinity-tech.co.jp/