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F.MED Co., Ltd.

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F.MED Co., Ltd.
AQUA Hakata – 5th Floor, 5-3-8 Nakasu, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Japan


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Business overview

Development of microsurgery assist robot that contribute to dramatic improvement in QOL and prognoses.

Business concept for addressing social issues

Microsurgery is a delicate surgical technique in which a microscope is used for surgeries such as connecting blood vessels that are approximately 1 mm in diameter. This type of surgery can be utilized to improve QOL and prognoses, but it is performed manually and therefore difficult to master, which is why there are only limited numbers of practicing surgeons and cases. As such, we seek to develop assistance robots that are equipped with manipulators that can faithfully replicate surgeons’ movements while controlling or reducing hand tremor. It is our aim to build an environment in which more microsurgery procedures can be carried out more safely and efficiently.

Solving issues, mission/products and services for solving the issues

A microsurgery assistance robot consists of the main console that the surgeon operates, and the robot itself. A video microscope and our high-precision manipulator, developed by our company, are mounted on the robot. The surgeon manipulates the joysticks while observing the microscope image on the main console’s display, and the robot replicates the movements accurately to carry out the surgery in place of the surgeon’s hands.

Market overview/overview of the market entering (macro)

The global medical devices market size is said to be worth 450 billion U.S. dollars, while the Japanese market is considered to be approximately 3 trillion Japanese yen. The current world market size for surgical assistant robots is valued at about 150 billion yen, of which more than 99% is dominated by American products.

Competition/comparing with competitors (micro)

Existing surgical assistant robots are used in laparoscopic tumor resections, which differ from surgeries that our robots assist in, using microscopes. We thus aim to differentiate our product to be utilized in surgeries that currently available robots cannot handle.

Business plan

Our goal is to obtain medical device approval and begin sales in Japan in 2025 and then expand into overseas markets from 2026 and beyond. Assembly of the end product will be outsourced to an external company, while we will focus our energy on R&D and design as a fabless manufacturer. We will partner with medical device distributors in Japan and abroad to collaborate in sales and marketing.

Purpose for procuring fund/desired amount and usage, etc.

We seek to raise capital through equity financing. Resulting funds will be allocated to continuing development of medical devices, testing for and obtaining medical device approval, marketing and manufacturing of products for sales, and securing human resources to achieve the above.

Introducing members of management

Keita Shimomura, Representative Director and CEO, worked in medical device sales, marketing, and new business development at manufacturing and trading companies.

Susumu Oguri, Director and CTO, handled mechanical design at a major manufacturer among others, and since 2013, he has been engaging in medical device R&D at Kyushu University.


Our strength lies in our ability to easily communicate with doctors at various clinical departments and medical institutions, as well as to carry out medical device development without bias. Despite the small size of our organization, we retain the technical capability to carry out everything from principle to detailed designs. Furthermore, we are not only able to produce and demonstrate actual prototypes, but we are also registered as marketing approval holder(MAH) in Japan.