Fukuoka Prefecture


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Machi no Wa Co., Ltd.

Company name
Machi no Wa Co., Ltd.
Liens Premium Yakuin Station 602, 1-2-5, Yakuin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture

Tel: 092-985-6430
Email: info@machinowa.co.jp (Japanese and English)

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Business, business overview

Planning and development of services related to e-gift certificates with premiums, regional currency business, rural revitalization, and revitalization of regional economies.

Existing business

PM e-gift cert. via a smartphone app to spur local economies.
Digi application, lottery, purchase, and member store settlement eliminate admin load vs. paper certificates and risk of COVID-19 close contact.
Alternative form for local governments and trade organizations to which the certs are issued.

Current issues/products and services for solving issues, spinoff businesses

We mainly provide services to local governments and trade, so lack service development and business aptitude for private entities.
We hope to match with a company we can collaborate with for regional revitalization.

Fintech deployment record

Providing services to 48 municipalities and trade organizations nationwide, including issuing and operating PM e-gift cert., loyalty points, etc., using regional information platforms promoting regional digitization.

Business plan

Promoting our unique regional DX by leveraging the capability of our information platform. Solving various social issues as a whole through co-creation with various players in the local community. We will continually create new value and establish sustainable ecosystems in local communities.


We use R3 Corda, a global blockchain technology, as our payment platform.
In December 2022, we will be licensed as an advanced financial service company and are now working as a regional FinTech company.