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Please find below information on Fukuoka Prefecture’s subsidy programs for financial institutions and fintech companies.

Fukuoka Prefecture’s Branch Office Establishment Subsidy for Financial Institutions

The Fukuoka Prefectural Government will subsidize a portion of foreign financial institutions and fintech companies’ expenses in opening branches within the prefecture.
Please confirm the details in the document files attached below.


  • * Precaution: You must first complete the Preliminary Consultation procedure before continuing on to the Formal Application.
  • * Please download first the PDF to fill in each form.
  • * If you are unable to open or fill in the PDFs, please inform us through the Inquiry Form.

Download the respective forms (PDFs) from the list below.

For Preliminary Consultations
For Formal Applications
For Business Activity Reports
For Notifications of Change

When you have downloaded and completed each form (PDF), upload the file here.
Note: For Preliminary Consultations, please also upload your Business Plan along with your consultation form.

How to upload each subsidy application file

Each form can be retrieved (downloaded), completed, and submitted (uploaded) from the respective category on this webpage. Please be sure to confirm the Introduction and Outline on the subsidy program before you apply.

Application Method (Upload Procedure)
Download the PDF of the form for the subsidy application of your choice.
Open the PDF you downloaded. (Note: The PDFs are fillable forms.)
Type in the required information in the entry fields for each item.
Print out the form after every field has been filled, excluding the upper left field for the representative’s name.
Stamp your seal or write your name by hand on the printed form.
Convert the completed document into PDF and save it on your device (PC, smartphone, etc.).
Upload the PDF on this website, and your procedure is complete.